In all classes the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are given due emphasis. Other subjects include History, Geography, Languages, Religious Education, Art and Music – with the facility to provide children with extra tuition in piano, singing, and speech & drama. Great importance is placed on spelling, handwriting, clear speech and high standards of presentation.

There is an up to date dedicated ICT Suite used by all year groups to help familiarise and develop the children's computing & IT skills and literacy.

An enthusiastic sports programme is provided by specialist instructors focusing on general fitness as well as a range of specific sporting skills. There is an emphasis  on traditional seasonal sports like cricket, tennis, & football along with swimming and a sports club offering extra curricular activities.

The National Curriculum does not govern teaching policy in independent schools. However, we believe it provides an excellent basis for planning lessons and experiences for the children. We administer Standard Assessment Tasks at the end of Key Stage 1 (6-7 years) and Key Stage 2 (10-11 years). These assessments are not classed as pass or fail “tests”; they are there to provide teachers and parents with a means of assessing an individual child’s academic progress. 

Thorough preparation is made for the annual entrance tests to selective independent schools, which are usually held in January/February.