An Ashbrooke scholarship is not just about celebrating and nurturing excellence, it’s about sharing it. Our scholarship students are given the opportunity to engage in tailored enrichment activities and extra support in their chosen area of talent. They are supported and encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve at the very highest level. Scholarship students also act as ambassadors within the school, sharing their enthusiasm and encouraging fellow students to take an active interest in their subject area.

New pupils have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship worth up to 10% off tuition fees on the basis of evidence of exceptional recent achievement, performance in the scholarship assessment and an interview.

There are three categories of scholarship:

  • Academic

  • Talent: Art, Drama, Music, Sport

  • All-rounder: where a student demonstrates significant intellectual potential as well as providing evidence of exceptional talent in a particular discipline.



Bursaries take the form of means tested discounts for new (and sometimes existing) students. These are intended to help a child enter the School and the majority will continue for the duration of their time at Ashbrooke. Others offer short-term support and may be available in cases of unexpected financial hardship.

The bursary funds are limited and each request is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Applications for September must be made by the Summer Term Half Term of the same calendar year. Bursaries are reviewed annually and are awarded in line with our Bursary Policy and Procedure.