We have a strong and supportive pastoral structure led by Miss Wallington, the Headteacher.

Ashbrooke House School & Pre-School delivers traditional values and standards in a modern setting.  We believe good manners and high personal standards of dress and conduct cost nothing and that a culture of mutual respect and courtesy is a valuable life skill.

Ofsted praised the quality of care and support as being Outstanding, commenting: “Pupils who spoke to the inspector reported that they are happy and feel safe and secure in school. They are confident that they are able to share any worries with an adult and that these will be swiftly resolved.”


The inspectors also commented on the school’s ethos, saying: “The caring family ethos promotes positive and trusting relationships between pupils and staff.”


Ashbrooke House School & Pre-School educates a child in preparation for life, further education and their future careers. Pupils leave as independent resilient learners with the necessary life skills to become successful and respected.

Ashbrooke will always be small enough to ensure that we have a deep and valuable knowledge of every individual pupil, whilst creating a wide and varied academic, pastoral and extra-curricular experience.