Ashbrooke House School Pre-School runs from 9am to 3pm, at which point children are welcome to join our After School Club, which provides fun activities until 5.30pm. Children in Pre-School are also welcome to join our Breakfast Club from 7.45am.

As your child takes their first steps along the exciting journey of learning and development, our highly skilled and motivated staff will nurture them through their crucial early years. We take great pride in our school’s success in preparing children to the highest academic, social and moral standards. From a child’s very first day in the Pre-School, we lay the foundation for a love of learning that will remain with them throughout the course of their school life, providing the bedrock for future success.

Our well-established Pre-School is housed in a dedicated area of the main school building and offers outstanding levels of care in a safe, stimulating and creative environment. Children are cared for by dedicated and well-qualified members of staff and take part in school life alongside the other year groups of the school.

A large, secure outdoor play area provides play facilities to help children develop physical skills, whilst we help them build their cognitive and social skills with a topic-based Learning Programme which includes a variety of academic, music, computing and art activities. Healthy eating is encouraged, as children stop for fruit snacks during the day.